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Election Fever

March 29, 2009

I’m disappointed by the shameless prostitution and whoring I see around me. More than a few “council election advertising space (jokingly?) for sale”s; countless “vote for us”s to be seen in every direction, and facebook “vote for me okay kthxbai”s.

I’d understand a facebook group if it was actually used for anything other than profligate self-promotion; for purposes of advancing a campaign by promoting a cause or initiative, I’d understand. Pity then that a survey of the facebook groups reveals a, likely lonely, possibly solitary, group of potential councilors who promise to actually try and do something concrete (which, to the best of my knowledge, is a requirement). Kudos to them. As for those with pages essentially saying:

we have [stock positive qualities], we’re going to do [whatever it is councilors are supposed to do], we’ll [do our best], so [vote for us]

or worse,

[groan-inducing pun or supposedly catchy slogan], [you know who we are] [so vote for us!]

well, no scorn or disdain from this corner; merely honest opinion: it is difficult to masquerade emptiness as a meaningful cause and campaign. I don’t respect any of you any less; I am convinced that you are very nice, perfectly okay, and highly capable people. I can’t claim to fully understand the difficulties of running for council, but I’d dare say it is tough, and you are most deserving of admiration. So, forgive me for directing my ire at you poor fellows who stand as figureheads of a voting process that, perhaps, pretends that it doesn’t, but knows full well that it depends far too much on who you know, and how well you’re known, rather than meaning or truly demonstrated drive.

It does sadden me to see it again; the campaigning and the cries for attention, the pretense and, finally, the voting. The scent in the air is an all too familiar one. It dates to secondary school, when cruder jokes, worse puns, and more laughably and clearly unfulfillable promises abounded; when elections were won on hilariously bad taglines, and when we all knew in our heart of hearts how it really worked.

But then again, it might just be me. Just me who sees posts won on popularity and remembered-because-they-were-so-bad lines, and dies a little inside. I know, you know, those running, those voting, they know, how this will really be won. There will be toil, there will be tears, and there will be sweat. But, let us not be deceived. Rather, I urge you,  go, vote for your friends; keep your promises, maintain your honour, stand by your companions, and, whatever comes, know where you stood in their time of need, but, still, remember just how much the result matters, and not one jot more.

And if you start to feel that selfsame scorn brew, or the familiar disdain rising again, or even feel your nose turning up at the sight of more desperate cries for votes, don’t. Maintain the respect for those who run, and hold your sorrow for a flawed system. I shall endeavor to.

Forgive the ravings of a bitter, bitter fellow, and instead give thanks for a screening process that we may have some belief in. A procress that weeds out the truly incapable, and let us exercise recklessness with impunity, knowing that, whatever the result, the student council will have some modicum of competency. Hope the powers that be erred not in their choices.

Another edit, another disclaimer:
I’m sure that there are people you know very well, your longtime friends that you are certain are fully capable and deserving. Vote for them, and urge them on. Help them in every way you can. Personally, I have the highest hopes for capable, deserving, and well-suited people in student council. I have my vote, it goes to those whom I know full well should be councilors, to those worthy, and to those friends whom I love to support them in their endeavour.


Moved (and Removed)

March 24, 2009

to WordPress, which seems to outshine Blogger by rather more than a great lot much than a fair bit. Having taken this long to get down to it, it would be only fair to expect something similar to a post or update of a sort, no? (What with all the dying blog balderdash talk and all that)

March holidays: Dragged on forever until Monday morning by which time they seem to have become a blurred photograph of time flying by. (Perhaps I should get down to reading more of those books on that BBC list circulating on Facebook)

Not-the-Match-holidays: It’s tuesday and I’m tired of long days and double Chinese.

[cut for dinner]

With apologies to 01 ventures GC

March 17, 2009

Longing for something meaningful to do (or, perhaps, just to pass the time); to escape the self-less voyeur refreshing facebook every few minutes and have homework done; effortlessly yet not pointlessly. To not expend time and energies wondering how to exert energies and spend time.

This used a few minutes. Pffft.


March 11, 2009

…Y’know, like a zombie. Feeling unseasonably sleepy and behind with work after class camp and a few days of school; thank goodness holidays are coming up. Life update: Taking Renaissance Programme instead of ISLE, not understanding and applying ideal gas law, too lazy to move to wordpress yet.


March 3, 2009

Absolutely worth spending five hours reading instead of packing for Mt. Ophir class camp. Tomorrow is going to be fun, especially if I choose to come home at 8pm again.

Too bad the movie is M18. DVD and someone else’s home theatre, please volunteer yourselves

Marching in the Rain

March 2, 2009

[obligatory weather-related bitching]

Xian is hating blogger but too lazy to switch to WordPress.
Xian is also listening to Indie Canadian Rock Bands aka Stars

also also,
Xian has a PE teacher who like students to do pushups in the middle of a one lane road used by trucks. Y’know, like, when, they’re being used.