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I for one welcome our new AI overlords

June 4, 2012

This comment just appeared on a post from a while back:

One Response to “Education is broken, but subtly different from how you think it is”

  1. website Says:
    June 4, 2012 at 8:31 PM | Reply   editJust to let you know your webpage appears a little bit strange on Firefox on my computer using Linux .

It got through WordPress’ spam filters, which I, based completely on personal feel, believe to be at least as robust as Gmail’s. It won’t be long before the spambots get better at conversation than Youtubers.


Non-Obligatory Birthday Post (and possibly cake)

June 4, 2012

It is kind of silly to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of a being who has, technically and objectively, contributed nothing to anything in everytime. About as silly as describing a social occasion of joy, happiness,  good reminiscing and general enjoyment as silly.

What does it say about us that birthdays can be treated as utterly unimportant, and also potentially stuffed to overflowing with personal significance? That we, so small as to not even be a speck in the universe’s eye, are so monumentally caught up in our selfish pettiness as to be unable to appreciate much beyond our tiny spheres of perception? Or that the capacity for personal significance memories, for history, for nostalgia, for life-threads crossing and intertwining and weaving with others’ into a glorious, eternal, braid is more precious than anything the heavens or the Fates can devise? Probably a bit of both; just like any other thing that gives us pause to consider the scale and grandeur of the universe, or reminds us that we are essentially social beings.

Besides, most people’s choices on where on the scale of non-celebration to new car and giant cake festivities probably depends a lot more on mundane things like money and time and guestlists.