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March 7, 2010

Recently, I was watching How I met Your Mother. That is to say, spending hours upon hours to watch four seasons worth of a sitcom in a week or so, which would be terribly difficult to do unless it was Really Funny. Which it was.

Of course, all good things come to an end, like the enjoyment of HIMYM. Now that I’m done with it, I’ve come to see that I was obsessing over it a little, and getting disproportionate amounts of pleasure out of it. And, at YM yesterday, it got me thinking how all things we enjoy come to an end, except God’s love which He gives us to keep enjoying. And really, God’s love and blessings are like an awesome sitcom which you revel in except you never run out of episodes. Which is a strange analogy, but hey, it works, no?


February 2, 2009

It’s day one of orientation.1 Perhaps it isn’t fair to pass judgment so soon, but our Orientation Group isn’t really very fun.2 But then, I have the highest of hopes.3

However, the important thing really isn’t orientation.4 Or rather, there’s something else I’d like to talk about.5

Conversation falls (somewhat) on the topic of religion. “[name withheld] is really like a Christian”.6

What then, does it mean to be a Christian>? Or rather, to be “really like a Christian”? Does it mean (as was implied by the speaker) to be an externally moral person? To live in a manner recognised as Christian or as “good”?

More importantly, is this (Christian appearance) what is required of myself, even as I identify as Christian? [my opinion:] the external appearance isn’t the most important thing; it is important to the extent that we are called to be the light of the earth (Matthew 5: 14-16), but far more important is the issue of being more than moral, more than good, but Christian and Christ-following on the inside; to lead a life that follows Christ and to exhibit Christ-like behaviour

So, most importantly then, is that what I’m doing? Am I striving to lead the life of a Christ-following disciple? I find myself not completely sure that I’m trying my best and giving my all, and it makes me afraid. Is that why it bothers me so when I hear someone saying “[name withheld] is really Christian”?

And something else that made me think today: (or, perhaps, should be thinking about)
I may believe in God, but why do I do it? What reason do I have for my belief? What testimony can I give to support my belief in God? Can I tell anyone why I believe? Hmmmprrhhh (read: sigh…)

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1 And a MediaCorp news crew shows up. Hurrah, for not enough news in Singapore, and the general standards of Singaporean Mandarin TV news. (Yes, it is the first year that there’s one intake, but let me remain in my illusions and to keep dissing MediaCorp alright?)

2 By which I mean, without any offense at all, and with the highest of hopes of change(Yes we can! Hail to the chief!), that our OG is pretty shy. Or quiet. Or not overly competitive. Or attention-seeking. Or in your face. Come to think of it, perhaps it isn’t that bad. So, highest of hopes to get to know people better then.

3 See above footnote. I can’t decide if there’s any ironic/humourous wordplay in endnotes being above. That’s a damn shame.

4 Despite, as one of our school staff informed the MediaCorp Chinese language news team, it being the first day of school, and the most excellent, well-planned, engaging, and fun activities planned by the J2s, there really is something else I’d rather ruminate over.

5 Ruminate over. Then discuss.

6 Something to that effect. To the best of my memory.

7 Wait, this isn’t LiveJournal