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Inception, disexplained

May 12, 2012

I never really understood why people reacted to Inception like it was LSD; Nolan did a pretty good job in presenting his idea. And hence, I always thought explanation charts would have been much more in order for things like Nolan’s earlier Memento or crazy things like Primer (I mean, look at that diagram, it was confusing enough to warrant a mention in XKCD). Ok, all that aside, I just wanted to say I can’t quite believe that this explanation of Inception seems harder to understand than the original movie itself.


NS and bureaucratic buzzwording makes my head go in funny directions

May 8, 2012

In another interminable lecture, a dark epiphany coalesces in my mind and squats, inky, black, and brooding. It bleeds and melts and settles, one by one, with the shadows dancing upon the wall of my mind’s cave, indelibly staining everything. I sense myself, and find: a creature grown slowly bitter; a creeping ivy crawls across the spirit, choked off from light and life.

I remember, lit with the fuzzy, golden vagueness that tinges nostalgia, having dreams. Having aspirations, instead of desires. Fulfilling goals instead of needs. Through my fervent daily wish for the workday to end, I glimpse memories of waiting for another day and another chance to chase a glory insignificant enough to be attained.

I have substituted the joy of new days and new climbs for the despondency of routine, and the taste in my mouth is sour. I spit at what I have let myself become. I wish I could bother. Let me eat. Let me sleep. Let me wake and let me wait. Let the waiting be unbearable and the pain intolerable and let me bleed, bled until I am dry and withered and a husk and a pile of ashes, till I look forward to a fiery resurrection.

Sounds as sadistic as the original series. Score!

May 4, 2012

Ah, Simcity. So looking forward to this