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Inane thoughts; please ignore

July 29, 2010

Note to self: Coming home early and crashing for a four hour nap is not a good sign.


Quotable Quotes

July 23, 2010

“John Steinbeck? Isn’t he the guy who wrote the Wrath of Grapes?”

minor fml is minor

July 19, 2010

KI consultation: postponed on account of CT script marking.

Tutorials: postponed on account of waiting to finish KI consultation/draft

Mugging: postponed on account of tutorials not being done yet.

Life: postponed on account of prelim mugging not complete

Internet: using it right now.

July 15, 2010

The Strait’s Times gave Inception 5 stars. Ought I watch it? Ought I watch that other Nolan film Memento tonight instead of doing KI? It is from the guy who made those rather well-received films Batman Begin and The Dark Knight after all. Decisions decisions.

EDIT: Doing KI IS is just a tad more off-putting after reading articles on sites that look like they were made in 1995, are plastered with clipart, and proudly load eye-watering backgrounds that resemble the bastard children of LSD trips and Dali’s nightmares.

July 9, 2010
What are words?
Things you mutter to yourself, softly
And alone. Vague thoughts that end abruptly,
While you cry and rage and scream.
When you tell yourself your favourite dreams
And whisper assurance to the mirror,
Or your lips move to make things clearer
Only for yourself, when vengeful threats are in the same breath uttered
As pledges of adoration and love helplessly sputtered;
Then you know words.
To speak to yourself and face the uncaring dark void
With words meaningless but fraught with feeling
Is but preparation to meet face to living face
And open the mouth
To speak the mind
And find the
Words are

No offense intended

July 5, 2010

Does it not strike you as awfully… worrisome that ‘life’ in general could be summed up by someone (who shall, as the title suggests, remain unnamed) as follows: “it’s just the same thing over and over isn’t it? Just study, exam, take a month of break, prelims, take another break, A levels, one month break, then NS, another one month break, uni…“?

Frankly, I doubt life was intended to be lived that way. Perhaps we are indeed far too proud of our stellar education system in Singapore. It appears that students and educators alike (and the latter really ought to know better) that the purpose of education is not to make careers, win prestige or endowment, or even to groom a technocratic class.

Instead, it ought to open students’ minds to their ability and potential, and to point them towards the Big Questions (I am hard-pressed to define the class of such questions; there are far more qualified others. Suffice to say, they go more along the lines of “what is the purpose of my life?” or “what values do I hold dear, and why?” rather than “what field should I enter to earn lots of money and win prestige?” or “How do I get enough As to graduate magna cum laude?”)

I wonder if I’ll ever get any comments on this post. Or if the people to whom it is most applicable are far too busy mugging their way towards straight As.

Two Questions

July 1, 2010

Q1. What do you believe?

Q2.What do you believe in?

A1. (fill this space xian)

A2. (and this one too)