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Growing up and moving on

January 30, 2011

I suppose it is quite unwise to begin writing a new post 20 minutes before leaving to book in to camp, but what the hell, I’m an NSF, surely I’m entitled to some privileges (although cheaper public transport fares definitely aren’t one of those privileges).

Glancing at the oh-so-easy-to-use WordPress dashboard also reminds me that I used to publish things other than fragments of my life cast into the uncaring void of the Internet or republished memes/Stumbles. And it is most saddening. It is a terrible thing to feel most painfully the ache of reentering the cage of camp moments before departing, and most ironic that the dissatisfaction with Solider Life is felt after the greatest period of time spent away from it.

And of I go, rambling again. Well, I have Chinese New Year plans to write scholarship applications, although the PSC questions seem so insipid. We’ll see how much success I have. Hopefully, less than the success I’ll have in getting an outpass to go for the SPH scholarship interview.

(And again, we see the inevitable phenomenon of all thought processes of recently minted A level graduates drifting towards university education and the required finance)


January 30, 2011

It is increasingly difficult to maintain a blog when one only has 30 odd hours a week out of camp, and things to draw one away from home. Crud. Hence, it’s probably a good thing for one to have passed IPPT and have a few extra hours of book out this week.

Madness ain’t all that bad

January 15, 2011

I might be a lonely, melancholic, old man, trapped in a young man’s body and profession, in an age that prizes youthfulness and all things new. Crud.



That ain’t no excuse punk

So snap outta that funk

Ignore all of that junk

Or sure as hell you’re sunk

Stumbleupon ftw

January 2, 2011

Oh man this be sad stuff, along with booking into camp in 3 hours. What’s wrong with me


January 2, 2011

At least I can avoid this for the next two years