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June 28, 2009

Irate and irascible; irked by Math

Good Music
Awesome Books
Delicious Food


Irreverent, irrepressible,but neither irrelevant nor irresponsible; the voice of the new generations



June 24, 2009

Things I do not need (and by extension, reminders as well):
-Internet Explorer 8
-Quicktime updates
-The latest version of Java
-The newest version of Messenger
-Apple software bundled with itunes

Who needs, Imagechan, TheOnion, Failblog, Webcomics, Stumbleupon, online games, Messenger, the internet, or anything else at all when there’s PW? Can anything on the Web even approach it in sheer life-ruining potential?

Death, taxes, and PW. If I got a penny for each PW rant this year, I… wouldn’t be rich, but would be significantly less irked by it.

Edit: I shall keep count with the newly created category “PW rants”.
Edit edit: Turns out this is the fourth one already

June 18, 2009

By L. Mercantini (Italian)
Translation by Alexander Feht

They were three hundred

They landed arms in hand but did not fight us,
They threw themselves to the ground and kissed it.
I looked at everyone – everyone –
Each had tears in his eye, each smiled.
They were bandits from their lair, we were told.
But from us they took not a loaf of bread,
And their only words were,
“We came to die for our land!”

They were three hundred, young and strong –
And all are dead.

With blue eyes, with curls of gold
Their young leader came nigh.
Gathering my courage I took his hand and asked:
“Where leadest thou, fair Captain?”
He looked at me and answered: “Oh my sister,
I go to die for my beautiful fatherland!”
My heart trembled so I could not even wish him,
“God bless you”.

They were three hundred, young and strong –
And all are dead.

Wordpress line break hate

June 13, 2009

WordPress hates making line-break insertion simple. Especially when posting just before going to sleep. Meh.

Edit: Solved. But still annoyed.

Shall I pluck thee the brightest star?

June 12, 2009

If doing so saved all life, would the sun shine any brighter?
And if it would save one race, could the moon rise any higher?

Should the stars shine to expectation;
Will tides obey our exhortation?

Would the rains come upon command;
The earth stop shaking at our demand?


The lion does not spare the lamb
Not at beast nor at man’s command.

No force keeps the eagle on the ground,
Only in the skies will he be found.

The calf is not nursed by the ewe;
Surely nothing breaks nature’s rule?


So then, could we in  the selfish beast find
A heart that beats compassionate and kind?

Will ever the nasty, short-lived brute
Act in a fashion worthy of repute?

Will a man lift a finger to save a neighbour sorrow?
Would he deny himself for the sake of another?

Sleepless in Singapore

June 9, 2009

What could be better  than going 40 hours without sleep without a reason? Waking up to a phone call at 2pm because your PW group arranged to meet at 1.30. This round one goes to you Yanwei

…Although the holidays thus far have been typified by the last two days. Going out, having fun, hanging out, and resolutely determining to do work and start studying without the slightest inkling of how to begin. Anyone want to entertain me?

In other news, WordPress comprehensively curtails Cyrillic-character composed comment spams

More PW

June 3, 2009

More %*@%&#(* PW. If you want to do me a favour, fill in this survey.

Star Trek: The Review

June 1, 2009

Who would have thought Stark Trek could make a guy cry? Watched it yesterday, and it was rather impressive. To quote Simon Pegg (Scotty):  “I once said every odd-numbered Trek film was crap, so fate put me in this one to show me I was talking out of my ass”

For starters, there’s that tear-inducing introduction, sans-opening credits (really, who needs A-list stars?). War heroism, valiant sacrifice, and conflicted love between service and family, pulled off superbly by Chris Hemsworth (as George Samuel Kirk, Sr) and Jennifer Morrison (as Winona Kirk).

<~Nerd alert~>

Well, let’s get the science geekiness out of the way first shall we? Time travel is almost always far too contrived to make for a good story, but Star Trek pulls if off decently. Intended to get around continuity problems with the rest of the series, the film establishes an alternate timeline. It eliminates causality paradoxes, but does put into question Nero’s motivation for revenge, considering his vengeance is wreaked merely onalternate timeline counterparts to those he’s sworn revenge.

Disregarding the Trek staples of Warp drive and beam transportation (beam me up Scotty!), there are few scientific anomalies, provided orbital skydivers are sufficiently unaffected by wind to hit platforms ten metres across from 200km up

<~end nerd alert~>

What’s more impressive though, is that Star Trek is a sci-fi, space opera that works, without any protracted space battles. The customary ten minute climax involving two flagships trading blows never materialises. What does materialse, however, are Spock and Kirk on on board Nero’s vessel and a far more satisfying end to this film’s villain.

Of course, what’s an (almost) explosion-less film without good acting? The cast, devoid of A-listers, pulls it off magnificently, with inspired performances by Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, as well as Anton Yelchin in the supporting role of Pavel Chekov. Quinto, pulls off the conflicted not Vulcan, yet not-quite-human Spock, exuding trademark Spock cool and composure in a sublime performance. Pine, meanwhile, plays Kirk with all the panache of the space cowboy that he is (taking his character’s regular beatings in stride). The supporting cast does not disappoint either, reinventing their characters while capturing the essence of their appeal.

Although part-action, part-drama, Star Trek is wholly entertaining, with its share of slapstick moments and the characters’ classic humour. Long-time Trekkies will not be disappointed either, with references and in-jokes littering the film. Not forgetting the series’ tradition of social commentary, the scenes of Spock’s childhood, beleaguered by his mixed ancestry, as well as Kirk’s aimless wanderings prior to Starfleet, are thought-provoking.

All-in-all, Star Trek is a well-executed, space action drama, that doesn’t rely solely on cinematics. Tight storytelling and stellar performances keep the audience rapt, and asking for more as the credits roll.

(4/5 stars)