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June 29, 2007

A cry of a desperate heart

I have made a pact,
I have made a vow,
I have made a deal,
I have made a promise,

Pact, deal, vow, promise,
what are these but simple agreements?
Standards, by-laws, rules and statute,
nothing more than instructions to follow.

Failure, then, is no doubt punishable,
and many times have I failed
yet punishment I have escaped,
my debt I owe to the Gracious One.

He is my God,
His grace and mercy abound.
His banner over me is Love,
He has delivered me from my evil,
He has pardoned me my sin

Lord, unworthy as I am
You have come for me.
Even as I do despicable things,
You seek to draw me close.
Draw me close, remake and clean me,
Oh, teach me to walk Lord!

I make again my vow,
to You I renew my promise,
Lord, help me to walk your path!


A challenge issued! Will you take this burden?

June 23, 2007

So often, in fact, if not all the time, we hide behing masks, afraid to show even the slightest, smallest fragment of our true selves. Our deepest darkest secrets, our dirty laundry, our secret vices, our personal pleasures, our individual aspirations and the like, we keep hidden beneath a facade, a facade of calm composure, of righteous anger, of false-self pity, of acted emotions, a mask so comfortable it has nearly become our skin. SO, dear reader, I challenge you today to take off this skin, strip off this facade, hurl aside this mask; embrace what you are, fear not the judgement of men, pursue your unique identity, for what good is it to live a pleasent life, a comfortable life, a good life, even a fantastic life, when it is not your own?

(Apologies dear reader, more to come, very soon, very soon. And if this failure to produce should upset you in any way, then my salutations, thanks, respect, admiration and deepest apologies dear reader, for you, sir or madam, are a pillar of support upon which this endeavour lies)

June 22, 2007

Comments please!! And title suggestions too, haha =)

Choices, choices, choices to be made
Swimming in a sea of fish and searching for decision.
Which one to chase, which one to bait,
which one to follow after hard?

From the west the siren sings,
From the east the whirlpool draws,
From the north treasure beckons,
from the south wafts the smell of home.

Choices, choices, choices all around
Things to do, things to day, things for which to rush.
“hurry now, we haven’t got all day,”
Look up, look sharp, million to be made!

“Do this,” “no that”, the clamour in my head,
from the angel upon shoulder and devil on the other.
Laid before my mind’s eye a score of figures,
Conscience, wisdom, logic compassion, resplendent in allure.

I see before my treasure of every sort;
Bread for the body, food for the mind,
Nourishment of the soul, sustenance of the spirit.
Treasure, treasures, if I could but possess you all!

Decide, decide, weigh and judge,
choose your path, waver not,
for the indecisive fool soon finds
he has lost every path.
Like I whose choice was to pause,
justly rewarded with the dust of worn trails upon the horizon.

Help Please

June 19, 2007

Graah, cbox not working. Does anyone want to help me make a tagboard work, or even better make me a skin ^_^. meanwhile, use comment please. On a completely unrelated note, Amsterdam by Ian McEwan is fantastic book. Much better than Paddy Clarka Ha Ha Ha anyway. Anyway, a couple of funny pieces, and then I’m of to sleep.

An ode to a mathematician
You are the intersection of beauty and grace,
you are my universal set.
My adoration is a quadratic function,
my love increases exponentially.
You are more beautiful then nature herself,
your beauty is greater than the golden ratio.
My superlatives as pi,
my praise is an infinite sequence.
Your radiance is a division by zero,
it is indefinable.
We are angles in a corner,
complementary to each other,
You are sine square theta,
And I am cosine square theta,
Together we are one.

An ode to your astronomer
You are my Venus,
the first light in my sky.
You are the moon of my sky,
the brightest object that I can see.
You are Polaris,
north star guiding my every stand.
You are Sirius,
your light endures through the deepest night.
You are a supernova,
your glory outshines everything else.
You are a black hole,
your attraction is irresistible.
You are Sol,
the Sun with without I cannot live.

The view from my window

June 19, 2007

First post, haha. Hopefully this blog won’t die, haha. Started 06/06/2007, finished 19/06/2007

Look out the window, what do you see
A lush spreading expanse,
of greenery free to roam.
Distant stormclouds darkening
over a monkey in his jungle home.

Look out the window, what do you see
A remote field
dotted with traces of Man.
Workers toiling in the sun,
as cattle graze upon the green grass.

Look out the window, what do you see
An empty landscape
left alone to rest.
A boy running beside his kite,
a dog frolicing by his side.

Look out the window, what do you see
A series of houses
built in haphazard rows.
A mother calling to her children,
smoke coiling from the baker’s chimney.

Look out the window, what do you see
strangers bearing gifts,
with promises of beautiful new gifts.
Bulldozers and behemoths
rising towers of steel.

Look out the window, what do you see
A pool of yellow light
falling upon heaps of trash.
The moon shining weakly,
beside glowing skyscrapers and planes.

Look out the window, what do you see
Smoke billowing from the window,
a city engulfed in terror.
The shadow of a skeletal starving cat
hidden behind blood-splattered walls.

Look out the window, what do you see
The day’s first snow
falling upon grey, hulking shells.
Man and beast alike,
wandering within mouldering ruins.

Look out the window, what do you see
The ravages of nature and spoils of time,
their work well wrought.
The glaciers come south again,
reflecting the sun’s warmthless glare.

Look out the window, what do you see
Permanence fading away,
bringing a strange new vista.
Of the dry crinkling winds
drifting across the endless desert.

Look out the window, what do you see
tell me if this thing before you can be undone