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March 24, 2008

Track and Field finals, Bayley 1st again yeah!

I’m ashamed of myself at what a disloyal Baylean I am. So far, I own two Hullet tees, and a Morrison one, and I wore the Morrison one today 😀 Anyhow, I’m happy Bayley won, even though I’ve almost never done anything to gain Bayley points in the house championship over four years.

But, let’s move on to the issue of houses in schools and intra-school competition. What’s the point in internal school competition? To foster a sense of spirit which we desire the school as a whole to have? To give students outlets for their talents and ability? Then how about competitions without organised groups but with free student participation? Feel free to enter Track and Field competitions in school alone, or form a team for relay events, and let us watch just the best and the dedicated ply their art and win their accolades. Let students express themselves creatively at their own whim; they are free to keep their personal portfolios to dip into for an exhibition piece should an event arise.

So, let us choose to promote fierce student rivalry, competitiveness and subtle bullying in order to win participation points. Let us milk students dry in order to find the few drops of liquid gold in each individual, to erect the pedestal which we elevate ourselves as one body. One body with our common goals and aspirations, our similar tastes and interests, our identical outlooks and achivements.

I’m always so one-sided. Pah.


March 18, 2008
Imagine a sunset. Not the red, fiery hues we photograph, the ones that ignite and
illuminate the sky. Nor the all too real ones that we don’t notice, and seem to be just a
minute between light and darkness. Imagine a spring sunset. Where the soft tones don’t
quite reach the sky, but rather nestle among the hills in the horizon.

And as the sun dips down and about the low hills in the distance, slightly blurry by the
smoky mist in the distance, a bird calls, and you turn back. As you approach the chimney smoke drifting languidly through the still bright air, you nearly stumble across
a child playing with a ball. As he turns to run home at his mother’s call, your eyes are
caught by a bird perched on the old tree by the path, the same bird you heard moments ago.

The bird calls again, and then takes off in a flurry of bright feathers and flapping
wings, with no clock to go by but the setting of the sun. You gaze after it into the
distance, before resuming your walk home.

The cool evening air whispers through your hair, not fast enough to be a nuisance, but
not too slow to go unnoticed. You slow your pace to savour it, and the earthy smells
rising from the damp earth. Spying a patch of wild flowers, you bend over on impulse and
pluck a few of the snow-white lilies, letting their fragrance waft through the air. The
evening clamour of children running, mothers cooking and men returning from the fields is
beginning to die down, and you hurry your pace just the slightest to get home before

As you approach home, the fires and lamps in the neighbours’ houses are visible through
their windows; the families are gathered around the tables, eating and chatting. You push
open your own door and call out…

And now, imagine you will never experience nor even see that idyll. The reasons are
uncounted, but they include climate change, globalisation and industrialisation. All of
which have contributed to the growing sense of dissatisfaction we urbanites are subject to
daily. Seeking more, even more, and so much more from all the things we do, we seek to
accomplish things, to chase down that one more qualification, to get that one more job
done, to look that little bit better than someone else, I fear we’ve neglected our souls.
We won’t have the chance to stop and smell those lilies, to go home and have dinner,
because we’re too obsessed with our image.

They say that when we’re with people, we put on masks. We put on our masks to hide our
weaknesses, to gain that upper hand. When we accomplish something, it’s credited to the
mask. Our masks are our power, and as we build them up we sacrifice something inside of
us, we let it devour us a little bit. With out loved ones, with the ones we trust, with
ourselves only, do we dare remove the mask. But more and more, we leave the mask on, until
we become the mask, we give ourselves up and our very existence of being becomes the mask.
Even when we take it off, we remember the desires, and they linger in our minds, they
surface in our hungers. Will anyone tear off their mask and hurl it away? For to do
anything less means nothing at all.

March 15, 2008

Two days. We can do so much in 48+ hours. God can do so much. Imagine what He could do with the rest of your life. God provided the great city of Nineveh the chance to repent, and in the same way His grace through Jesus Christ offers us the greatest gift. “For as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites, so also will the Son of Man be to this generation.”(Luke 11:30) We are redeemed by His gracefully provided sacrifice, and are now given the promise of the Holy Spirit

If we can even begin to grasp the great extent of God’s grace, how amazing it must be to be filled and overflowing with streams of living water (of the Holy Spirit), do we not proclaim that God and God alone has changed our lives? He has given us love, redemption, assurance, and has promised to all the nations that “whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” So if we enjoy the good gift that our Father gives us, should we not go forth and share this good news!

March 12, 2008

You rock. Love. Big hug.

Yes, you, you’ve pulled me up when
I’m down in the dumps, you
helped me see when I blinded me.
Understood my lamentations,
Ill-mannered dispositions

March 11, 2008

Music: Any other World, –Mika

Who tells me to blog now? Haha. Anyway here’s some verse I dreamed up off,

A ghost; a fleeting spirit,
Touches all, feels nothing

He comes and goes
whither and whence, no one knows,
and there is none in his world

I should stop thinking, and start living.

Sometimes it is more worthwhile to think than live I suppose. I don’t even remember very clearly exactly what things I did overthe first holiday weekend+monday, but I know I enjoyed myself, did some things I need to do, and it satisfys me much. So, to avoid documenting my life excessiv- waitaminit, why am I writing this pointless stuff. Anyway, what’s the Singapore Flyer view like Lincoln? haha

March 3, 2008

Hi Daniel, you claim I haven’t blogged recently and come to think of it you’re right haha. So erm… well, here you go. Although you probaly succinctly explained why my blog reader count/traffic is so low. But then, do I blog for other people or for myself?

If I blog for myself, then the old arguments of using a private journal versus a public blog where one could inadvertently (or intentionally) publish offensive material. But that’s tired to death, and anyway the feel of keys yielding before my soft and quick touches feels more relaxing and satisfying than the scribbled cramped strokes of a ballpoint pen, along with the hassle of a physical book and all that, so let’s shy clear of that.

So, if I blog for other people, do I blog on request? More pressingly, should we blog for other people? I know people (coughdanielcough) who obviously don’t blog for other people (coughdeadblogcough), but, what is wrong with blogging for other people? Does it encourage a character of subservience or that of living for others. Unless you blog for others so as to benefit/please yourself.

Is blogging for yourself, (or for others so as to increase personal status?), then, a narcissism? Is self-centredness the curse of this age of user-generated content and instant internet fame (and notoriety)? Or perhaps the area of concern lies in hedonistic pleasure itself. In which case, I am guilty as charged. Last five minutes of typing that was right fun innit?