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December 28, 2007

Watched I am Legend today. Not including flashbacks, three people appear in the movie, of which two speak. But overall, cool movie, fast paced, old premise but still action-packed and gripping enough. Now, who wants to go and watch National Treasure?

Holidays are ending soon, went back to school for the second time in two days. Get used to the school environment again, haha. Went back this morning to plan for Raffles Trail next Saturday, for all the CCAs to showcase themselves to the new sec1s. So, we’ll end up doing the same old same old again, maybe (in fact, probably) we’ll drag out the old article on Li Qian again 0___o


December 25, 2007

Random post. Like every other man on the road, I’m a kaypoh Singaporean so I can’t help doing things like staring at road accidents. Car crash along Lornie Road on Sunday, fortunately nobody was hurt. I realise I’m a lousy blogger to read, because I’m too lazy to be philosophical except fro rare moments, and also too lazy to write properly about stuff, like Sunday’s muscial performance

Ym Camp Afterglow

December 16, 2007
Camp Afterglow. Where we happy campers come together again, for meeting everyone again and having fun. But of course, it wouldn’t be right without a sharing/testimony session and discussions/reflections. But, games first. Dog and bone, with Alvin Chew’s idea of using a real bone, and the Tay brothers getting one. From a pig. Oink Oink Oink, this little piggy went to market.

Piggy bone!!!
Peoples playing dog and bone

Afterglow was quite fun actually, and quite alot of the newcomers for camp came for afterglow. Anyway, short posts FTW, so just to repeat, afterglow was good, and anyone interested in joining next year’s camp comm, think fast and tell me! =)

December 15, 2007

Wow Daniel, I didn’t know you cared so much haha =) And yes I suppose I do blog for other people to read (pffffffft, I can’t decide if that’s pathetic or admirable) Actually I didn’t intend to be blogging this morning but I had an urge to visit my blog and then I see Daniel flooding my tagboard (-.-) But I’m rambling now….

Dammit, metacognition can be a simultaneous blessing and curse…

I realise that after YM camp I’ve spent most of the week slacking at home pointlessly and doing nothing. Bored =( I want to go out =(=(=( (insert ignoring clarence here) Haiz, I shall go relieve boredom by writing commonwealth essay 0.o


December 9, 2007

Hmmmmm, gonna retreat from this blog for a while, although that dosen’t count for much, seeing as I don’t appear to have many readers anyway. So, unless I find out I have readers (other than Clarence Lim Dao Wen), I’m shutting down this blog, at least for the time being.

(All the world’s a stage
the players all in disarry)
-little emo boy