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March 19, 2011

What do the Singapore army andJack Bauer have in common? Answer: They can both make 24 hours seem like an eternity. 24 hours spent mostly waitng at a firing range can be trying, 24 hours in the wet, outfield, can seem like unceasing torment, but the army truly shines in this respect when one spends 24 hours confined in camp on a weekend. 24 hours confined is truly forever; if slugging it out during outfield training is a constant stream of wishing for it to end, then staying in bunk on a weekend is a neverending torrent of thinking to yourself “this sucks”.

┬áBut then, perhaps I shouldn’t speak too soon. After all, it’s only BMT, and it’s only 24 hours. For all I know, there is much worse to come. Oh well, POP is on the horizon, and if there is anything the army has taught me so far, it would be Suck It Up and Don’t Get Caught, both in equal measure.

(And if 21 days seems a long time not to update a blog, imagine the vast duration 21 days in camp is)