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October 25, 2007
Things to blog about:
-End of EOYs
-What to do after EOYs

Results are back, my GPA is horrible but I’m feeling strangely detached and indifferent. Personal suject reflect and review much?

History: 68%
3.2??? Gah. Hoping for a high 3.6 to pull up my GPA, so, unexpected.

Social Studies: 63%
Seriously, how can SS be this hard. But then many people didn’t do exceptionally for SS. But how can it be hard???? Must learn to answer the question and write the essay.

English: 71%
No 4.0? And a low 3.6 to boot. Nothing to say.

Physics: 76%
Actually, I really stopped caring after Kwong Loong arrived. Would have been surprised if it was lower than 70% though.

Chem: 85%
The only 4.0 grade point… zzzz..

Bio: 79%
Two more marks for the EOY paper and it could have been a 4.0… zzzzzzz

HCL: 53%
A pass.

Maths: 56%
I’m so going to buck up next year. Motivate me ok?

Now that I’ve started training properly again this week, I realise it’s not much longer till the OIP trip to Hue, Vietnam. But, talk about that another time shall I? Post exams, I also realise there are many many many ways to occupy oneself before, during, and after school. But, school’s ending in less than a week and SL fair is on thursday. Crap. Gosh, sec 4 is coming soon already. Woah.

(Post exam) To-do-list:

-Spend time with God regularly



-Work out (Biang?)

-Feed facebook addiction



October 16, 2007

Okay, I’m finally back after EOYs, although I’m not sure why. Oh well, I’m quite lag considered EOYs ended nearly a week ago. Haven’t posted because I’ve been quite busy actually. Went back to school today for OIP briefing and prep and whatnot for 9 hours. Waste time.

I’ve become a Facebook user, although its positivity (?) is debatable. Add me =) (Argh, I’m becoming high le. Too many things to post about, can’t order thoughts) Screw me, and you’ll end up with a picture.

October 9, 2007

DEAD. But obviously nobody cares. Awwwwwwwww. EOYs are almsot over, but the past week was obviously not a good time to play DotA everyday. The fact being that it incites unnecessary noise. Probaly not a good time to become a facebook addict. Anyhow. 18 more hours or so.