Moved (and Removed)

to WordPress, which seems to outshine Blogger by rather more than a great lot much than a fair bit. Having taken this long to get down to it, it would be only fair to expect something similar to a post or update of a sort, no? (What with all the dying blog balderdash talk and all that)

March holidays: Dragged on forever until Monday morning by which time they seem to have become a blurred photograph of time flying by. (Perhaps I should get down to reading more of those books on that BBC list circulating on Facebook)

Not-the-Match-holidays: It’s tuesday and I’m tired of long days and double Chinese.

[cut for dinner]


2 Responses to “Moved (and Removed)”

  1. clarence Says:

    get. a. tagboard.

  2. jx1992n Says:

    Never. WordPress is why one doesn’t need tagboards. Get google reader.

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