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Canada Americana

April 19, 2013

America, land of liberty, why the difficulty to travel to you?

One missed plane, one new biometric passport, 36 hours on the road, a night in Vancouver, and the wonders of modern technology means I can compose this on the 8hour bus trip to Portland. Well, actually just the technology, the rest wasn’t really that amazing.

In other news, time is still a tickin’, things are still a happenin’, jobs are being done, universities are handing out offers and decisions have to be made. Which means jobs are being quit (see upcoming post, hopefully soon), scholarships are being hoped for, money is being considered and Jing Xians are going to the US of A to see a college. And to visit much-missed sisters in Vancouver too, but hey who wants to read about that?

But why all this fun and bustle and activity? In America or in Singapore, it all feels the same: and endless hopping from one situation to the next. From admission essays to scholarship applications to the job at SPH to school decisions to worrying about money, life seems to have become an endless drama of issues to resolve. Is this what growing up is like? More worry and less play?

(to all those who didn’t get accepts to overseas universities or feel like decisions are being made for you by fate, I think there’s something to be glad for in that too. [and before the calls of elitism and being out of touch {as if I have that many readers}, yes I do know how extremely fortunate I am] there is a weighty weighty decision about money and studying overseas and the moving abroad.)

Tl;dr being an adult isn’t fun (or I’m just grouchy from traveling), pics to come