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Minor Technical Difficulties

December 31, 2010

There exist a number of…  difficulties associated with remaining in sufficient touch with pop culture, internet subculture, and rational and clear thinking while being part of the SAF to even maintain this blog as it is, let alone improve it. In no way putting the SAF down, it is the nature of armies and military discipline and regimentation to subsume individuality and independent thought in a rigid framework of command and control. The unfortunate result being that the necessary ends (of maintaining an effective and disciplined military) justify the tragic means (of denying individuals their right to themselves).

So, yes, three weeks in and I think the SAF might be doing strange, possibly unpleasant, things to my identity. Either that, or I might just be still missing being a civilian.

In other news: rock climbing is naice, me wanna go moar


December 26, 2010

I wanted to do one of those customary end-of-the-year reflections + plans-for-the-year-ahead kind of posts, but the SAF says I need to be booking in, so hopefully I’ll book out next week and do that before the new year. :/

Conscripting the nation, one citizen at a time

December 8, 2010

I’m going to be spending two years working for a huge organisation that commissions this kind of advertisements? Hmmm.

School’s out

December 8, 2010

And I’m all too young  for becoming old. It’s the last, most glorious night of the best part of our lives so far, and we won’t let the party end, at least for a while yet. Because, though it may have been hard at times, and on the road behind we’ve had the fair allotment of tears and laughs, of crushed spirits, disappointments, and regrets, and of triumphs, friendship and joy, it is, after all, an occasion to celebrate. It is a milestone on the road of life, and though the way ahead is both as scenic and as treacherous and the path behind, we will nonetheless celebrate the effort spent and the distance walked in getting where we are.

So let it not be said that youth is wasted on the young.

And besides, youth is longer than we think. And, cliched as it is, we remain as young as we believe we are, so let us prize the days to come as much as the past that we celebrate now.

Also please, excuse me, for I am still drunk on the party and the celebrations, and cannot do justice to the significance of our graduation, our promenade,  our debutante ball of introduction to adult life. Because, when we look back, and we reminiscence over the photographs, we’ll see beyond schoolchildren-no-more playing at men and women; we’ll see ourselves as teenagers bursting with anticipation and potential on the cusp of adulthood. We’ll see ourselves poised on the precipice of life. So, for now, let us seize the day, and live both for the now and the morrow. Let us not just party hard, but live hard as well.

(and, a note from the author of this post to himself, and perhaps to the anyone who doesn’t understand this post (i.e., everyone), when he wrote this he was drunk on the euphoria and various mixed feelings with regard to graduation from formal secondary education, and was probably just incoherently expressing his hope and optimism for the future, following prom)