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It’s just like…tumblring

July 30, 2011

It just gets better and better after 0:50 of the second video

So, what do you think? Or should it be left up to…t the government?


Also, the comments section in the linked page is surprisingly decent


This is why I can’t tear myself away from reading too much SF

July 21, 2011

“time travel is ruled out by dialectical materialism”

-The Human Front, Ken MacLeod

~I lol’ed

Now, Stand Still and Keep Moving

July 1, 2011

According to this handy little tool, I have 526 days to go. Seems like a depressingly large number, and 730-526=194 seems far too small a number to represent the number of days I’ve already served. Too bad can’t actually answer the question. But since today is a special day, this hurts just that much more.

For the NSFs who are not students of the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (i.e., my, myself, I, and whoever else), don’t be too upset when you book out today and log on to facebook only to be met by far too many status updates about disruption. After all, even if you can’t celebrate NUS med school student disruption day, you can at least be happy for your friends whilst simultaneously celebrating SAF day, reaffirming your true faith to the republic, halfheartedly shouting (yes it’s possible, all that’s needed is a regimental sergeant major) the SAF pledge of allegiance, and bitterly pondering why you’re still serving. OR, not a SAFOS scholar.

Since this isn’t really a coherent (or planned) post, I might as well just list out a number of additional lessons the SAF has taught me in the last months for posterity’s sake:
-The SAF lowers standards (case in point: a 30 minute break to grab a bite in the middle of the morning before carrying on with work is almost expected and is met with a “meh” anywhere but within the circles of SAF trainees. In those circles it’s a luxury)
-The SAF owns secret time manipulating technologies: how else can it make a week seem like forever and a weekend like a blink of an eye?
-Something or other about the training manuals and how the SAF conducts instruction for trainees which would be unwise to declare publicly for security’s sake (national and, more importantly, my own from the military police)