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August 22, 2007

Long race of the ragged upon hell’s well-paved path

But sorry’s the hardest word to say.
It’s just too bad I can’t turn the clock.
So now I’m done, come what may,
I’ll sit here waiting for the dreaded knock.

Grievously wronged you. Yes I know.
Grossly hurt you. I cannot deny.
So I’ll take, all of your blows
Without resisting, not a try.

I will take well-earned abuse,
I will be beaten down by rage.
But there is one thing I will not lose,
I won’t let you put me in a cage.

Don’t forgive me, surely you shouldn’t,
Not till you hear me speak my part.
To take empty forgiveness. I couldn’t,
Till perchance quench your flaming darts.

I will take well-earned abuse,
I will be beaten down by rage.
But there is one thing I will not lose,
I won’t let you put me in a cage.

I’ll brace for your righteous anger,
I’ll try and ignore the hurting letters.
I fight ‘gainst imminent danger,
Of losing something that really matters.

I apologise. I’m on my knees.
Don’t forgive me just yet.
I won’t seek others to shelter me,
Because I hope the clouds clear yet.

I will take well-earned abuse,
I will be beaten down by rage.
But there is one thing I will not lose,
I won’t let you put me in a cage.

I won’t let us be driven apart
I can’t let it. Let it destroy this.
This episode on a foolish lark,
Erasing pipe-dreams of endless bliss.

So into the screaming tempest I face,
Enduring your acid tongue’s painful lashes.
Because in life’s long, long race
For precious friendship this soul thrashes.

I would resovle to stop blundering blindly in the bog of foolishness, but the lights are out and I step from quicksand to snake’s fangs


August 21, 2007

For, at least, some members of 3F, today’s highlight (rather, event of the day) would likely be Doreen Ang and a chance to bitch about her. So she may be unreasonable, or unkind, but I’m hoping I won’t hold anything against her for trying to do her job, so I’m not bitching.

1) a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity
2) sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy

Well, then I guess I’m half depressed. I’ve been feeling inadequate already for a few days, and I’m guessing watching the Lit people put up their parodies today wasn’t a good idea. I’m afraid I’ll never achieve anything that’s beyond insignificant, in any field whatsoever. I’m afraid I’m inadequate socially and aptitudally. Anyhow, still all the best to whoever is putting up performances tomorrow for EL week stuff.

Matthew 6: 25-34 says
“do not worry about your life…seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
6:19-24 says also that we should store up treasures in heaven

Yes, the Bible says do not worry, God will provide. It says that treasures on earth do not matter. Yet I still envy and covet, I desire prizes and accomplishments. I’m afraid I’ll never account for anything, and I really really want to. So I struggle with inadequacy and I struggle with becoming fully dependent on God’s Word and providence. Smileys were meant to be used to express emotion when the internet was first created; I hope this one dosen’t succumb to to modern trend of overusage and meaninglessness. =(

August 16, 2007

Day of unhurried rushing and a bull**** “english reflection”
First post of non-poetry, although it still contatins “creative” writing”

Went to school, screwed up a few questions for chem CCT, take APR and find my GPA is 3.16. Pah. I’m going to pull it to above 3.4 minimum by term 1 next year. And hopefully improve after EOYs. After chem, go listen to George Yeo and realise I always had a wrong impression and that he’s my MP. Waste more time in english and math, although I have a poem written in english that’s almost done. After DMP, go yishun, train for an hour due to miscommunication and changes of plan end up going home for about an hour before going for prater meeting. Come back from prayer meeting and write “english reflections for social advocacy project in and expository manner” Which lands me right where I am now. And now, I shall show you the complete bull**** I churned up in half an hour, which is surprsingly good.

Pardon the fact that this post take up and enormous amount of space. Someone teach me to like, make a way to puts lots of text in post but hide it to save space or something. And now, the “creative” writing.

What does being part of a community mean to you?

A community can refer to any group of people, related in different manners. A community can be linked by each individual member’s common interests, common goals, common situations and circumstance, or simply common area of residence. Through a project of social advocacy, we have petitioned and worked for the benefit of our community of students.

This community of students may have different backgrounds or interests, but what unites this community is that we are all students facing the same scheme of grading for our academic and non-academic performance in school. Through this project, we have sought to identify a pertinent issue or problem and at the very least bring it to light to relevant authorities in a bid to address it.

As a member of a community, one must share something in common. In this student community, I share the common circumstance of being a student. As a student I face issues such as schoolwork, Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), social pressures and the like. As a member of the community, I face these issues, and know that my peers, if they do not help me, are at least facing the same stresses and are able to empathise. One thing that being a member of a community means to me then is that the community can empathise with the needs of its members and may be able to offer help.

A second aspect of being a member of a community is that of shared experiences. As a member of this student community, whose members I know share similar difficulties, I rest in the fact that a community can depend on its constituents. For example, if members in a community were faced with a common problem, such as excessive pressures in academic demands from the school authorities, as a community we will be able to benefit from collective bargaining. However, a community of shard experiences is not purely pragmatic, serving the purpose of benefiting from working together, be it in the form of a students’ union or protest. A community that shares experiences, especially experiences that shape a person’s character during his formative years, or one that involves experiences with strong emotional ties will cause it’s members to develop an intangible and bond, of friendship through shared hardship especially.

Long lasting emotional ties and friendship reinforced by shared hardship are perhaps the stuff of romantics and the dreams of some educators, but they are in fact very real. Besides deep and truly meaningful relationships forged with members of a community, the community also provides a means of interaction and a nexus of discussion. A community can be defined as a group of people gathered or linked to each other through a common interest. Although this is not the case for the student community as a whole, there are smaller parts of this community that are linked through common interest. To me, entry into a community is a gateway into social intercourse with persons one may not have previously interacted with, and thus also the birthplace of deeper, closer, relationships. A community gives one an opportunity to meet new people in a comfortable, interesting and stimulating backdrop of both social and informative (on any interesting topic one might have in common) discourse.

A community is many things to me, but at its simplest a community is still a group of people with things in common. These things in common are what defines and make unique any community. Therefore, what distinguishes a community is what defines it, and what defines it distinguishes it. A community is therefore a setting of interaction between its members and a vehicle of conversation between multiple parties, within the community itself or with other external communities.

August 15, 2007
You Should Be A Poet
You craft words well, in creative and unexpected ways.And you have a great talent for evoking beautiful imagery…Or describing the most intense heartbreak ever.You’re already naturally a poet, even if you’ve never written a poem.
What Type of Writer Should You Be?

You Are 16% Slacker
You are anything but a slacker. You’re truly a go getter.You never let laziness get in the way of living your life – and you can’t stand to see it in others.
Are You a Slacker?

Wow, I can’t believe this, haha =)

The second one, that is. I’m bored =(

August 14, 2007


And in the distance as the sunlight fades
the earth spun more once around.
To a close draws this day I’ve made
gutted, whimpering, without a sound.

Sunlight fades, twilight dawns
no longer then, to tarry here.
Why do I feel like someone’s pawn
used, abused, a slave mean and mere

I cry out in desperation;
“rescue me” I implore.
In fervent need of liberation
from myself the master I deplore.

Well well. It has a rhyme scheme.

August 12, 2007


the great beast sleeps.
The peak of life,
beauty embodied.

Ageless eons untouched,
ever-changing, unblemished,
till we came.

We took her for food and oil,
razed her forests to the ground
and stood proud.

Were we to know
our great folly
till she struck back?

Forgive us
Mother Earth

Well, I can’t remember exactly when this was written, but it was sometime in July. Succinct?