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July 27, 2007

One last time and I’m off the stuff for good

And I love you,
love you,
naught but love you
(could I help my self)

I’m broken inside
shot through the soul
split down the middle
(leaking like a sieve)

Tick tock, hatchet and lock
the clock strikes midnight
and I’m too late
(was I ever not)

With startling precision I land,
fists upon my chest.
Tarzan, King of apes;
(was I ever any more)

So I guess it’s goodbye
will we meet again?
(I’ll never stand chance)

And the headlines will scream
teenager jumps
from his ten floor block
(and left a bloody mess too)

Disclaimer: This and the previous few posts were the pathetic yelping of a stray, lovelorn, little puppy I found bawling it’s heart, (and probaly soon it’s soul) out, abandoned and abused by the ravages of the world upon that strong and loyal, yet simulteneously soft and brittle organ we call the heart.

PS: and the next few are likely going to be equally out of character.


Unconditional vs. Unrequited

July 15, 2007

Dearest: _______________

If you are reading this now, I am either dead, or befallen of tragic mishap. This letter, along with the accompanying letters, contain words I have written and truly meant, despite the inadequacy of words in this context.. Given that I will not see you again on this mortal coil, I feel free now to tell you the secret I have always hidden from you. This poem is one of the many contained in these letters, that I have written for or to you, but never had the courage to mail. I implore you to read them now, and come yo your own conclusion.


I beg thee, listen to my tale.
I implore you, hear me sing my sorrow.
This story told ne’er-ending
of love once had and lost.

Do you know I nurse a broken heart,
do you know the numbered stitches to mend?
Thou art ignorantly cruel,
yet could I hate you for innocence?

My heart lies in sundered ruins,
oh, how I wish it were stone!
Yet, be it flesh, bone or stone,
it would still shed its tears of sorrow.

Sorrow spun from your comely complexion,
Sorrow shed, at the sound of your whispered breath.
Sorrow sprung forth at your slightest mention,
of love spurned by your kindly face.

Do you know my deepset frustration,
do you know my impotent rage?
I would sail the seas seeking treasure,
yet fumble for my heart’s desire.

When you’re sad, I hide away and weep
When you smile, my heart leaps
When you frown, I wring my hands and
When you celebrate, my happiness is complete

You have proffered the hand of friendship,
you have offered your deal of trust,
and for these to you I thank.

Yet what man would sign
a merest contract,
written by his unrequited love?

You are my every moment’s sunbeam,
yet in you my sorrow is complete.
This is the story of wretched I,
of fate’s cruelly dealt hand.

Okay, comments please, haha. I contemplated breaking the fourth wall and speaking to the reader in the final verse, but decided that sort of ruins the suspension of belief and the persuasiveness. I don’t really know how it would sound out loud, but I tried and realised most of my poetry is requires a low, not quite coarse, not exactly breathy either, kind of voice. Sort of a voice that would match the atmosphere of a small club with not more than 20 patrons and soft jazz music in the background.

July 14, 2007

Part two.

Unnamed Obsession

Just the other night I woke in a sweat,
dreaming of you and your nameless beauty.
As I bolted upright in bed, my heart ached
with disappointment and regret.

Who are you nameless memory?
I must, I will, seek you out.
You are my nameless obsession,
but soon you will be found. You must!

You have haunted my waking moments,
you are the quickly darting shadow,
you tease me with unattainable beauty,
you torment me with unquenchable desire.

You have stalked me in the land of dreams,
too often your vision hath I seen.
In my sleep you approach,
silent as the night.
Oh nameless singing siren, hide from me no more!

I have no idea how that sounds when read. Actually, I don’t think it’s exceptional (with regards to my own very very low standards), but I like the concept. Part three isn’t completely written yet, so there will be no definite date for it’s *ahem* publication. And this was a day late, so apologies (which unfortunately don’t sound very sincere eh?)

July 11, 2007

The girl I saw

Just a day, just a day, just a day before,
I caught a glimpse, caught a glimpse, caught a glimpse of you.
You stood there, hidden in the crowd
You gazed up, right into the clouds.

My head, it turned, as I spied,
your splendorous locks buoyed in the wind.
And as I stared, I could not lie
My heart was aflame, my mind awash

You turned again, and I saw your smile,
and in it saw your beautiful vision
I could not stop to think and mull,
You are now my only mission

Alas, Alas, Alas, twas’ not to be
as you disappeared before my eyes.
And now my heart’s only cry,
Don’t go, don’t go, please don’t go

Well, this is supposed to be part 1 in a “mini-series” (if you’ll allow me), and in fact part 2 is done, but I’m too lazy to type it out now. So, it’ll be on either tonight, tomorrow, or latest the day after. This one sounds horrible if you try and read it, but not too bad if it’s sung, or at least read in a (sort of) singsong fashion, if you catch my drift. If not, please, try and enjoy anyway.


July 9, 2007

Well, since this blog was banned for a week as it appeared to Blogger’s filters that is was a “spam blog” (anyone care to enlighten me?), it was preety much dead. And now I’m lazy to got get my notebook and upload stuff, besides, nothing much to show for 😦 Been thinking about some things that I need to work on or change in my life, although nobody is ever going to read this anyway, so maybe. A man is enititled to his dreams (of any, let alone regular, readers, isn’t he?)