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Rain Rain Go Away

November 24, 2009

Suggestion 34: When unable to think of Something Interesting To Write, try commenting on the weather

Wow, no rain today, for the first time in two weeks. That makes me happy.

Also, KI paper is DONE, which is good news as well.


Because facebook is Broken

November 23, 2009

Remember that grey cloud I mentioned in the previous post? Well, they kind of tend to come all up in your face, what with all the lightning, thunder, and impending doom when you’re one third of the way through them.

Yeah, KI is rubbing me in a way that can only be described as wrong. Especially when classmates are skipping lectures, tutorials, and merrily around in the haze of post-PW freedom.

Speaking of which, the reader might be curious as to why the author is writing this, instead of, say, a KI paper or something of the like. That would, indeed, be a very good question. It makes such a good question that even the author cannot answer it, and would rather answer questions such as “why does school rule our lives?”

Maybe later, when I’m actually done with that paper.


November 13, 2009

Oh man, things are looking up.
Memory upgrade – Obtained
PW – Over
H3 Physics – Offered
Holidays – On the way

Of course,material goods, human achievements that pass, and momentary emotions and feelings can bring only a temporary happiness. But, yes indeed, things are looking up, up, up, thank God.

Now, the effort to seed that single grey cloud of a KI paper in the brilliant blue sky of freedom would be excellent.


November 12, 2009

We’ve heard all the official tones (or, rather, posh voices), seen the fruit of rote memorisation and practiced cheeriness, and witnessed firsthand the dread of unanticipated questions from the assessors. And now, It is Over.

So, PW, may you rest in peace. As we have appeased you with our sacrifices of mind-numbing frustration, terminally long meetings, and other assorted travails, please do not rise from the grave to trouble us again. I have great faith that you will most certainly not do so. Of course, we fully expect you to inflict yourself upon unsuspecting J1s in a few months to come, as we spectate with vicarious glee.

November 7, 2009


The Suicide Kid
by Charles Bukowski

I went to the worst of bars
hoping to get
but all I could do was to
get drunk
worse, the bar patrons even
ended up
liking me.
there I was trying to get
pushed over the dark
and I ended up with
free drinks
while somewhere else
some poor
son-of-a-bitch was in a hospital
tubes sticking out all over
as he fought like hell
to live.
nobody would help me
die as
the drinks kept
as the next day
waited for me
with its steel clamps,
its stinking
its incogitant
death doesn’t always
come running
when you call
not even if you
call it
from a shining
or from an ocean liner
or from the best bar
on earth (or the
such impertinence
only makes the gods
hesitate and
ask me: I’m

November 2, 2009

The List: