Home is people, not places

This has been making the rounds. Is it just me or does it feel vaguely patronising? Pushy and insistent that Singaporeans can’t and won’t be welcome elsewhere, that outside of these few hundred square kilometres likely lies pain? The grass is not always greener on the other side, and the longed-for “escape” may not be all that was hoped for, but it doesn’t mean Singapore is the only place to truly belong. Home is people, not places: it is where family is made and friends are kept. Home shouldn’t be places idealised through nostalgia, it should be the part of the heart populated with people worth staying up till late to long-distance call or walking twenty blocks to take care of when sick.


One Response to “Home is people, not places”

  1. melodily Says:

    So severe! I only just saw it through your blog; didn’t get the feeling it was saying that going out is a painful experience, but more that when you run into more difficult times there is always a home to go back to — or, at least, keep in your heart like a lighthouse — and the concept of home, to me, always includes people. And wasn’t the focus of the video more of the people who make it up rather than places?

    My gripe with the song and video is just that it was so slow-paced. Literally, with the video. Lol.

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