Movie Season: Les Misérables

‘Tis the season for movies that intend to contend for Best Picture, so let the movie-watching begin!

I confess, my extent of knowledge regarding Les Mis going into the movie was Victor HUgo, award-winning musical, Hugh Jackman, and Anne Hathaway. Of which, award-winning musical and Hugh Jackman are more than sufficient draws. And now, with my cultural education advanced by a jot, I declare Les Mis to be mostly about redemption in God; mad, stupid love; and anguished, extreme, close-ups. Especially the close-ups.

I’m a sucker for revolutionaries and freedom fighters and people dying for honour or a cause:

But of course Valjean must be redeemed:

And in between all of that we have terrible unrequited love, and terribly silly love at first sight and “nevermind the revolution and all your dead friends, we have EPIC ROMANCE to conduct”.

I guess I have a musical to watch and a book to read, after the rest of this season’s movies


One Response to “Movie Season: Les Misérables”

  1. yh Says:

    hahahahaha the closeups. seriously man. i got nauseous cause xun and i were in the 2nd row

    also THE ENDING!!! at first i was like huh why is it ending alr? then i realized the point: that even though the rebellion failed, true freedom is coming!!!

    finally, enjolras was so so so hot and heroic. the end.

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