Gluttony, or I’ll Have What He’s Having

Can a man know another’s suffering without making it his own?

I don’t purport to be wise enough to suggest an answer, but I am stupid enough to try and find out what someone else’s suffering feels like. This time around, suffering comes in form of the Roadhouse Terminator Challenge Burger.


A mightily-sized image for a mightily-sized burger. Suffering never looked this enticing. At least, until midway through the third juicy (but far less delectable than the first two) hunk of beef. And that is where the suffering begins. Blame goes to Kester twice, first for suggesting the dining location, and secondly for tempting us with the order of this seemingly finishable burger. And by the time he seemed to hit some trouble midway through the third burger  patty, it was far too late to rescind the orders for more Terminator Challenges. So, challenge we did, fail we did, and suffer we did. But, still, pretty delicious burgers.


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