Yes Mr. Carr, the Internet is making us stupid

I have got to be the most easily distracted person I know, at least when it comes to getting things (work?) done. It’s as if my Hyde personality insists on finding something distracting even when Jekyll has done his damnedest.

So, in an attempt to overcome my tremendous capacity for procrastination, I’m in a library attempting to write essays on a laptop which has no games, no stumbleupon, and none of my favourite internet bookmarks.

And I still end up with a tiny, undeveloped foetus of an idea and a paltry 150 words written before getting distracted.

None of which has to do with the following. But then, music or art doesn’t necessarily have to do with very much anything else at all, and yet brings us closer to our humanity, or perhaps even something that transcends it.

Which might explain why I’m listening to one of my favourite covers, and being in turn reminded of a fantastic webcomic that I may or may not have repeatedly professed my love for before, with little remorse for the fact that I’ve completely neglected the task for the day. Oh well.

(music starts around 2:01 by the way)

This cover reminds me of this comic, which is written by the amazing Winston Rowntree, who also authors Subnormality and produces genius like this. Which is all the more reason I should get back to work.


One Response to “Yes Mr. Carr, the Internet is making us stupid”

  1. melodily Says:

    Must admit I haven’t heard this one before (alright I’m guilty of not stalking every video of the awesomeness that is kurt) but this is nicee. DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, HERE I COME CHECKING YOU OUT.

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