Whoooooooooooosh. That’s the sound of 12 years of regimented formal pre-university/secondary education receding into the distance. It’s the official last day of school, and we’re soon to be alumni. The guest of honour at the final school assembly did make sense though: the future is uncertain and unpredictable, but we can sure make the best of it. (Or at least that’s what I understood of him) And yes, it does depend mostly on what you intend to do, and who you are, rather than what life thrusts upon you.

(And now I don’t feel like going on about how numb A levels make me feel. About how, despite it being a day of reflection and celebration, of maturing, moving on, and embarking on adventure, I feel nothing, pretty much numb the same way since preparations for A levels started. Because I’ve realised that nothing is the one thing I don’t feel.)

[Among other things that I do feel, disgust at my abuse of stream-of-consciousness writing is one of them]


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