No offense intended

Does it not strike you as awfully… worrisome that ‘life’ in general could be summed up by someone (who shall, as the title suggests, remain unnamed) as follows: “it’s just the same thing over and over isn’t it? Just study, exam, take a month of break, prelims, take another break, A levels, one month break, then NS, another one month break, uni…“?

Frankly, I doubt life was intended to be lived that way. Perhaps we are indeed far too proud of our stellar education system in Singapore. It appears that students and educators alike (and the latter really ought to know better) that the purpose of education is not to make careers, win prestige or endowment, or even to groom a technocratic class.

Instead, it ought to open students’ minds to their ability and potential, and to point them towards the Big Questions (I am hard-pressed to define the class of such questions; there are far more qualified others. Suffice to say, they go more along the lines of “what is the purpose of my life?” or “what values do I hold dear, and why?” rather than “what field should I enter to earn lots of money and win prestige?” or “How do I get enough As to graduate magna cum laude?”)

I wonder if I’ll ever get any comments on this post. Or if the people to whom it is most applicable are far too busy mugging their way towards straight As.


One Response to “No offense intended”

  1. Hocus Pocus Says:

    This cannot be helped. Toynbee says so (refer to history ki notes).

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