Holida-Nevermind.Work Work.

Oh Good Lord. It’s been two weeks since the last post, yet it feels nowhere near that long. How bizzare.

School: not so much a second home, but the cramped city apartment you rent to stay near the workplace. Blank, unadorned walls, a bed but not a home, a prison of choice where the decor is daydreams of the weekend and going back home, in suburbia or wherever it is.

School used to be awesome, what with all the staying late in J1 and having nothing better to do but wander around and to J8 and whatnot, but now it feels like the support apparatus for the Library and other Centres of Muggery and More Work.  Now, it is over, and it is also crunch time. Time to hit the books and do the whole load of whatnot and try not to fail CT2s while other people only need be concerned about being distracted by the World Cup.

Right, back to work. (Except I’ve forgotten how to work at home; School conditions me too well.)


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