Comics are not just pictures

Here’s something to break the monotony of exams (or, for the lucky who are done, to celebrate). Or, if you’re that other sort, something to assist the procrastinating of last-minute studying. Inappropriate or not, I do suggest you give Mr. Winston Rowntree a go.

As comics go, Mr. Rowntree is not your typical artist. He is not Stan Lee, nor does he aspire to be. He speaks much more to the soul of human existence. If you look past the walls of text and see instead the master  storyteller with the gift of illustrative prowess, you will enjoy his work greatly. He does Nazism with humour, metaphysics, atheism, music, job dissatisfaction, apathy, drunken video game characters, award show cynicism, personality, fantastic sci-fi short stories, and incisive, personal, insight on life. Oh, and sheer ridiculous humour.

Mr. Rowntree has also done some impressive graphic novels: Sector 41 will leave you wanting more and Captain Estar goes to Heaven will haunt you for a while yet. And of course, take a look at the (not exactly children-friendly) Guide to Life.


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