Aaaaaaand back from the first real H3 lesson.

H3 Chemistry: Fascinating content, Semi-engaging lecturer, and godawful far away. Fortunately, it is nothing compared to NTU. If Bishan/home were the familiar, central parts of a city like Singapore, Bukit Timah would be the rural vegetable-growing hinterlands of Johor. And NTU would be situated in a remote backwater like an exiled, scandal-stricken politician on a pacific island.

H3 aside, today is the third week of school, which is pretty real quick, what with all the exams and KI papers to write. Also, it marks three weeks to Take5/Chinese New Year weekend. So, we can all look forward to a long break for rest and relaxation, while living dying in the here and now. By the looks of things, nearly everyone will be well on their way to being a desiccated corpse by the time that long weekend comes along. The lucky ones having been long dead and plodding along in school a la zombified automatons.


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