Does anyone STILL care about Ris Low?

Take a look at this article by The Canadian Press. And this one that appeared in My Paper (我报).


Now, the question is, why on earth does anybody still care about Ris Low? Was it a slow news day in Singapore? Perhaps, but is there any conceivable reason for The Canadian Press to bother writing their article? Clearly, this reflects the nadir of journalism and the apex of the wasteful drain of attention that celebrity is.

“I think that Singaporeans speak the way I do,” Low said. “I don’t see anything wrong in speaking like this because I don’t speak with a slang.”

“Maybe I do sometimes, but not with a slang slang.”

Aaaaand, who cares?

Internet news may be a new arena unconstrained by the usual limitations of print journalism such as column length or page space, but apparently we would love to use this to report utter inanity. Because we can.  Clearly, sizable tracts of Singapore news are dedicated to similar gossip and general wastes of time, labour, and intelligence, but that is a topic for another day. For now, and for lack of a better choice of words, I can only say :

Seriously Canada, wtf?


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