I’m in the midst of deleting Warcraft III as I write this. Unfortunately, complete understanding and appreciation of this statement is impossible without having first appreciated the enormous sinkhole Gaming can be for what is often termed Free Time.

Free Time is in fact something that most people possess; this is despite contrary protests made by numerous students. Although many students do desire more Free Time, they often forget that they possess it in abundance, as it is usually masked by sinkholes such as the above-mentioned Gaming.

Although highly discouraged, the full effects of Gaming Time Sinkhole and Free Time Possession can only be experienced by firsthand delving into Gaming (no, Bejewelled, Diner Dash, and Minesweeper are not games) and then withdrawing cold turkey. The subject will then experience the condition known as Free Time Recovery.

For many recovering sufferers, Free Time Recovery is often initially disorienting. Anecdotal evidence has shown that subjects finds themselves at a loss for stretches of time during this period, ranging from one to four, or, in extreme cases, eight or more hours at a time. However, many overcome this obstacle and are able to return to full functioning. This is usually accompanied by Reading, Exercise, Work, Music, Hobbies, or a number of other less common activities, that are commonly referred to as Having A Life.

That said, it should be noted that Free Time Recovery from Gaming Time Sinkhole is not 100% successful. The greatest failure rate occurs within the first two weeks, whereby sufferers have the greatest tendencies to relapse. This might be remedied by Pseudo-Having-A-Life assisted by friends and family.

A prime avenue of assisted Life-Having for recovering students is School. School, especially on the last first-day-of-it, can include elements such as J2 Homecoming. This usually involves meeting other students that might not have been encountered over the last month, although it might feel much longer than that. Students will typically regale each other with tales of their exploits during the holidays and generally try to have a good time while actively not learning anything in school.

Other elements include sharing sentiments similar to “Oh Gawds we’re going on 18 and we can even approach the point of describing ourselves as old oh GAAAAAAAAAWD whatever shall we do” and “OH HI FRIEND now that it’s your birthday and you’re 18, you’re automatically an adult but more importantly you can buy booze and magically acquire the ability to drive”.

Unfortunately, this is sometimes accompanied by “Oh hell it’s J2 year; hi there sorry can’t  chat need to go study”, which can be a tremendous setback for the Life-Seeking Recovering Gamer.

Of course, the Recovering Gamer can eventually wean himself off the need to Pseudo-Seek-A-Life, because he will notice that his newly acquired Free Time has been replaced with Discipline and Necessary Studying, accompanied with Training is fun and More Socially Acceptable Pasttimes. This is usually successful when the Recovering Gamer has crossed the two week withdrawal “hump” and has been actively Seeking-A-Life during the two week period.


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