My gosh, haven’t blogged in ages.

Well, holidays are now officially in full swing, what with all the holiday Training, Meeting People, and Going Out and spending bleeding money on Things like Food.

Oh, right, and the Seeing Pictures of People going to Interesting Places on Facebook. And, of course, camp, from which I myself have recently returned.

In short, many things have been happening that take away the little time left in the final month of the last year of the new millennium’s first decade. Chronological circumlocutions aside, plenty of interesting (to me) things that are run-of-the-mill.

Perhaps, it’s rather obvious that I’m trying to avoid starting on the almost obligatory post-camp blogpost. The post-camp and “away for ages; now I’m back” post.

Camp was… eye-opening and powerful. I don’ think I can go into the details in text, but suffice to say, God showed me that He is powerful, empowers his people to do Things for Him, and He asked me why I’m not doing so much more yet. Kinda like a kick in the seat of the pants. Anyway, if you’re interested, just ask me; I’ll be candid, I promise.

And so, as we gaze Christmas in the distance, but fast-approaching, along with new year and a new school term, it’s time to get off the ass and get working. Hopefully, heh.


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