Storytellers and Talespinners

Actually a continuation from the previous post, because I haven’t figured out how to tweak WordPress till it yields a LJ-esque cut tag.

So, shall we carry on from the mentioned loss of said flying plastic disc and assuming the rest of the previous post was cut for personal ramblings.

Mmmhmmm, losing it was unhappiness-inducing, which started me wondering how a good-ish mood could be so comprehensively ruined so quickly. And then this train of thought veered onto a hitherto undiscovered set of tracks, regarding the external, observable human condition.

How readily do people show emotion, and to what extent, especially as they experience more extreme feelings? How visible was my irritation? What would it be like to observe people with complete detachment; in other words, how do ghosts feel?

Hands up, those of you who enjoy people-watching.

Everyone has their tics. Little physical twitches perhaps. But people-watching involves trying really rather hard to infer what exactly goes on behind the opaque doors of the watched one’s eyes from mere physical movements. It’s akin to plumbing the depths of a coal mine with a torch and a ball of string.

It is frustrating yet strangely satisfying. My guess is that we never really know the truth; it is far too difficult for one to even have the remotest chance of being right. What happens, is that we fill in the gaps with our hidden dreams and memories, reconstructing a melange of experience, fantasy, and stereotypes.

And thus the conclusion goes: to truly observe with detachment is to be so boring as to be impossible. When we watch people, we look for vessels through which to tell our own stories and watch our dreams.

All this from the unhappy thoughts of losing a small, not inexpensive, but ultimately minor thing. Not a trivial loss certainly, but it sparked something off. Perhaps, it began me people-watching myself.


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