Do sepia prints fade to monochrome?

Today, I lost a disc.
(the flying plastic kind that goes spinning through the air, dervish-like and such)

It capped off the day with a strange and off-colour emotion, like sour cream on bittersweet chocolate, if you’ll stomach the analogy.

It wasn’t a bad day and neither was it particularly good; kind of very much mostly identically similar to how they’ve been all week.

Mindless really, and emptier than usual. Less of the usual nonsense and fooling around that forms the backbone of school, more of the not-quite-drudgery-but-certainly-still-mundane. Like blurred monochrome prints, they speed past leaving quickly-gone impressions and a sense of empty longing and confusion.

So, yes, that’s what I’ve been reduced to doing in this week after promos; following the mandatory rush of post-exam activities, life has slowed to a (is it even possible) slower, stranger pace.


One Response to “Do sepia prints fade to monochrome?”

  1. Xian: Says:

    Storytellers and Talespinners…

    Because I haven’t yet figured out how to tweak WordPress till it yields a LJ-esque cut tag, you may want to treat everything after the first line as cut for personal foot-dragging and general sian-ness, and go on to the next post.

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