Really Charitable People

Methinks that the niggling meaninglessness of most relationships is an issue that many a teenager (and adult) has brooded upon in moments of solitary contemplation.

But then, look at it the realist (of, if you must, the cynical) way. People are, by and large, community creatures by definition. To live, in any recognisable sense of the word, is to interface with humans in the common way. If the common way superficial to the extent that we coin the term “sheeple” to describe the unseen hordes, well tough luck, but that’s the way it is.

Given that most people are capable of independent thought, yet unwittingly choose to subscribe to arbitrary social rules, what conclusions can we draw?

Only that, should one choose to see more than the “sheeple”, should one regard self and others as worthy human beings, real, complete with emotions and opinions, it is going to have to happen on the side, outside of these social rules.

What does it mean to do it outside these rules? It means to do it outside of the “superficial herd mentality”, to do it within the framework of a real relationship. A true friendship where each party can accept the other, and seek the best and the truth for the others.

So, yes, I concur fully that life is much less worth the living with only superficial “social life” and without true friendships that are open enough to have no “out-of-bounds areas”. And regarding what one must do, I reject the idea of drawing power from self.

To rely completely on self reeks of arrogance; it implies godly self-assuredness. Certainly a man needs to be able to trust in himself. In order to live, however, a man must intentionally unblind and humble himself before others, to let others support his weakness and to give of himself to others.

To live, therefore, is to live socially. Beyond the common understanding of friendships, to friendships that do indeed neccessitate the loyalty of rose-tinted lenses. But, not blind loyalty, but a loyalty born of seeking the best for others, of giving of self in the hope of receiving the same.


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