Sheepherding Sheep

School: don’t we all love it?

It us interesting, the same way an insane asylum might be considered a curiousity.

Where else do intelligent, composed, confident people lose their heads and behave like the proverbial sheep (or, in rare cases, Headless Chicken)?

After all, it is a place of independent learning, where minds mature and learn to carve out their unique places in the world.

It’s also a place where people know exactly where they stand. When everyone knows everybody, the unknown stay unknown and the known stay known; it is rather difficult to Climb The Social Ladder without anyone new to Upset The Status Quo.


There is this theroy that there are only 500 real people in this world, and the rest are background; that’s why they keep bumping into each other. And of course, there is an infinity of 500 person groups which overlap rather a bit.

Well, shrink it down and watch it work in school. There are these conglomerations of real people, and they know their place relative to the background, like well trained actors. And within each group we all know exactly what to do if we want to remain real and not fade into unreality: what everyone else does.


And it is an interesting phenomenon. And it probably doesn’t change, the older you get. Curious, isn’t it, how an individual’s uniqueness doesn’t stand alone, nor does it stand in spite of groupthink, but exists as the sum of his groupthink(s)?


One Response to “Sheepherding Sheep”

  1. clarence Says:

    less emo more dota

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