Far Too Long

…since I’ve done anything.

My dashboard is littered with abandoned half-drafts; the weeks to promos being done too fast, the tutorials not fast enough. It’s disgusting to watch myself surrender to the obliterating waves of school and temptation to zone out in front of the computer.

So, from two weeks of letting muggers consider me and secretly smirk with smug superiority, let’s list the lessons learned:

– There exists this low-level disgust at one’s own laziness, coupled with tinges of regret
– Time really does fly when you shower, eat dinner, realise it’s nine and decide not to do anything else
– The excuse of tiredness often succeeds in self-delusion, until the next morning
– Physical exertion is a welcome but temporary respite from that self-directed contempt
– One starts to ask “what on earth am I doing with myself” rather a bit more.


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