Tomorrow can worry

The most striking thing isn’t that I’m still looking for my  GC-containing pencilcase; it’s how unworried I am.

What could it really mean? That I’ve become disillusioned with the supposed objective of school via doing tutorials to prepare for examinations? Or how I’ve transcended the shackles of material possessions and have begun to seek more meaningful pursuits? Maybe, I’ve brushed aside the veil of ignorance, revealing the futility behind the mad scrambling in school, and this is a form of quiet protest.

How often do you get the feeling that you should care about something, but couldn’t even bring yourself to bother abour trying to be concerned? It’s the niggling feeling that tickles somewhere in the head, that, in some way, you’re being disobedient, rebellious, and downright bad for not caring when you should.

I guess, everytime we come to that crossroads, we have to decide. If we’ll choose to evaluate importance by the world’s standards, or if we’ll dare to take the road less travelled, and let it make all the difference.

(I’m such a romantic. More likely, it’ll give you the feeling that you’re making steps towards being your own person, living your own life, slowly drifting towards the less well-worn path. But, it’s still enough)

So, will you let people worry about what they will, while your live and worry for exactly what you’re going to do?


One Response to “Tomorrow can worry”

  1. clarence Says:

    you’re a lazy undetermined ass but i’m the same so i approve =D

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