Shall I pluck thee the brightest star?

If doing so saved all life, would the sun shine any brighter?
And if it would save one race, could the moon rise any higher?

Should the stars shine to expectation;
Will tides obey our exhortation?

Would the rains come upon command;
The earth stop shaking at our demand?


The lion does not spare the lamb
Not at beast nor at man’s command.

No force keeps the eagle on the ground,
Only in the skies will he be found.

The calf is not nursed by the ewe;
Surely nothing breaks nature’s rule?


So then, could we in  the selfish beast find
A heart that beats compassionate and kind?

Will ever the nasty, short-lived brute
Act in a fashion worthy of repute?

Will a man lift a finger to save a neighbour sorrow?
Would he deny himself for the sake of another?


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