Jazz concert was enjoyable. The performances were enjoyable.
Plus, an unfinished (and likely, never to be finished) poem

One man (shadow) play

Darker blacker-on-black shadowplay cast on charcoal coloured asphalt
For an audience of just one none.

Under the single streetlight’s solitary sodium glare;
Swiftly passing
( a day’s rotation in fifteen steps)
Giving way to the next one on this long road.

Shadowfeet, and arms, and head, follow in unison,
Unlike these steps that don’t echo
(how poetically scandalous)
Not-quite-soft footfalls
Don’t thud or click or beat the lonely rhythm
But still jars this one man’s night.

Which then is darker:
A moonless starless cloud-filled sky
Stretching horizons of night?
A man, all in black, making his solitary way to
Or the lightless depths of crevices dug deep (,now seen,)
In his thoughts?


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