Am I really posting about nothing at all, just for the sake of updating? For the sake of pretense, for worthless self-affirmation? Or am I writing this to distract myself,  just the littlest possible bit, from the work I’ve to eventually do, in a fit of knowing-it’ll-come-back-and-bite-me-in-the-ass self-punishment?

I’m disappointed with myself for having written down a comprehensive list of things to do, resolved to do them over the weekend, and comprehensively not do them. Yay for secondary school slacker culture and JC nobody-gives-a-damnness!

Interesting KI debate today. It didn’t go very well for either side, but pretty darn good for us three judges =D Shan’t bore you with the dtails; suffice to say, KI is still rollicking good fun (OH NOEZ, TEST TOMORROW HOW); yes, it’s still all good.

~~~~I’m going into random life rambling here, so, yes, do feel free to stop~~~~

Teengames and ACS(I) dunnowhat competitions coming up over next two weekends, =D. And Labour Day weekend is going to be such excellent fun. Teengames +ACS(I) + Teengames again + Jazz concert + Sunday +It’s monday again and the week PI is due.

Unscheduled PW rant: PW can go die for real. Terrible, disgusting topics this year; Singapore is much too safe a place and the Ministry of Home Affairs is still sneakily using PW to get students to do their work and think of potential threats (probably because of money-saving budget cuts eh?) Won’t say much about conservation (although, if you ponder for a moment, what’s something, anything, that you would deem worthy of conserving in Singapore?)

Where was I? Oh, yes, competitions wheeee! And, erm, tired. Off I go lalalalalala.


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