Rain-[expletive deleted]-bows indeed

No smoke without fire; no rainbows for people to gush over and discuss animatedly along with other gossip without torrential, Asian, monsoon, pitch-destroying downpours, replete with sky-splitting lightning and head-rattling thunder all serving to ruin perfect weather for a much-needed mind-numbingly relaxing game of Ultimate.

Not that I saw it, seeing how I was shut away at home due to rain. Might not have done my spirits much good to know there’s no hope for another world-destroying 40-day-long Flood-causing downpour though.

Bollocks, quick peek at archives seem to show a steady progression into unwarranted, fake depression. Don’t worry, I’m perfectly fine and not cutting myself yet.


2 Responses to “Rain-[expletive deleted]-bows indeed”

  1. clarence Says:


  2. hq Says:

    indoors ultimate?

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