Canonised Christian Martyr Feast Day Greetings

or, happy Valentine’s.

Before anything else though, kudos and high praise to RI(JC) Entrepreneurs Club for their spirit of opportunistic capitalism. Thank your for your invaluable service of providing economic stimulus by enticing individuals to invest hundreds of dollars on a hundred-and-one roses, to be sent anonymously. Or the copious amounts of stalks sold individually, those too.

Not that I’m bashing anyone of course. Or bitterly disillusioned and cynical. Heaven forbid the thought! In fact, I’ll banish any doubts you might have by repeating (in, may I mention, an altogether cheerful manner) my earlier salutations:

Festive Pagan Festival Greetings
Happy Valentine’s Day! [smiley]
Especially to all of you having fun at home in front of the computer [another smiley!]

That aside, I’ve completely forgotten what I intended to blog about.
That is, until I tried to open a webpage and wasted minutes of time.
[insert 1500 character rant about Starhub and slow internet connections]
[insert 900 character whine for faster, more reliable connections]
[insert blank space for time (approximately 30 minutes) wasted testing and comparing connections and ISPs]
[insert 500 character wish for switch to Singtel]


One Response to “Canonised Christian Martyr Feast Day Greetings”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    cheeenamaaaan 101 roses

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