Hmmm, apologies for yesterday’s post. Writing when tired too late in the evening is akin to being drunk for me.

A great many things and so much to think; too little to say, nothing spoken. Drunk on dreams behind stone-cold-sober lips.

Eloquently chronicling ineloquent inarticulateness aside, it’s now time to attempt banishing that inarticulateness.

I learnt something new today. That’s one of those life tips you always hear right? Learn something new every day. Or change something if you find yourself waking up dreading a new day. Or do one thing you’ve never done before. Well, upstairs exclamations in my home produce excellent echoes when the house is empty. Either that or my “woo!” hits resonant frequencies in the structure. Long story short I’m in frisbee cca, which kinda seems like it would be a good thing. Fingers crossed then.

Still feel odd in OG. Maybe I’m just shy/antisocial. Or perhaps I possess a hidden quality that makes me incredibly repungent. I’m Waiting to see.

Other thoughts racing through my head; streaked long exposure photos of the carnival are thoughts not-quite-exploding into word-covered-paper, coming to fruition in sticky, overripe messes. Not worth the bother.


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