Nuts! Chocolate covered Brazil nuts! Had some of those in Ireland, and they weren’t half bad too.

Nuts! I’m getting lazy to post as well. Failing to live up to daily updates—

Got back from Ireland late yesterday, was a little tired to blog. We’ll get to that in just a moment. Most of yesterday was spent in Galway, or commuting.

Galway was… good, in its own manner. It has all the trappings of a large city: Big streets, shopping areas, high end joints, ice rink, river, swans, bayside promenade, ancient catholic churches…

…oh, right, elaboration.

Not much to say actually. In all seriousness, it wasn’t worth very much mention. (Or, I’m just lazy to recollect and write.) Morning wanderings in the pedestrian-only shopping areas, picking up a few souvenirs, sightseeing along the bay, visiting tourist attractions and the sort, (churches, swans, and the ice rink). Had lunch at a (supposedly famous) chippy, with some three days worth of oil and two days of sodium. Washed it down with even more gallivanting around town.

Before catching the 4 o’clock bus, copious amounts of free food was obtained from local fast food outlet, via a convoluted reward/everyone’s a winner promotion by said fast food chain, and retrieval of discarded drinks cups bearing redemption promises by yours truly and brother.
In Other Words:
Promotion+Thick Skin+Taking Trash=Free Food=Made Day

Two hour bus journey and three hour transit through airport, aircraft, and airport again finally bring us back to England, still without any Bailey’s except whatever was in the cheesecake from the previous dinner. Back at no-visibility Stanstead airport, sans Baileys, and almost without souvenirs. Blame the only store in all of Shannon airport departure hall being closed for stock-taking.

And now, that thing about being too tired to blog yesterday. The new theory regarding the awful bad luck and ruined transport has been revised. The universe is conspiring to keep me away from cycling. Or, at the very least, trying to. The bicycle (chained next to the bus stop four days ago, before we took the bus to the airport, yes?) tyre was flat. Flat and soft, and most definitely unusable. Wow. How many other things are flat and soft? Lucky me. SO, one hour of pushing bikes brings us home, which I still haven’t arrived at before midnight.

~And now, for something completely different~

That is, a day without absurdly bad luck or messed up transport. Scrounged up something to eat in the morning (read, before noon) before going out in the afternoon. Spinach, eggs, toast, garlic bread don’t sound too bad, right?

Oh, lady luck actually smiled on us today. Turns out the bike tyre was flat, but not punctured. So, repumped, and good to go. (Bloody punks vandalising property and letting air out of tyres.) We cycled to the Natural History Museum, which happens to be next to the Science Museum. And so, in we went.

London is bleeding excellent. Free entry to all the museums and whatnot. Singapore institutions are so terribly cash-strapped. And aren’t good or important enough to get patronage or enough visitors to be sustained on contributions. So, today was a lovely time in the Science and Natural History Museums. Would rather have spent more time in the Science Museum and less in the other one though. How interesting can rocks (and stuffed animals) get, compared to the length and breadth of human ingenuity?

We left the museums after dark, spent a little time at the Christmas market in Hyde Park, to take a look at the overpriced rides and food. Mmmmmm, delicious food. Which we had. Not to say the food at Hyde Park. Although it was delecious. We had delicious food. At a Chinese restaurant nearby which does excellent roast duck. Half a roast duck, deep fried squid with salt and chilli, and pi pa dou fu, and lots of rice. Making up for the last few days in Ireland, eh?

I won’t detail the cycle back from Dinner, except to say that Oxford Street (it’s the main shopping district) isn’t really very impressive. Orchard road matches up methinks. Suffice to say, traffic would cause spontaneous combustion to occur in a number of drivers, should car breakdowns occur on Oxord Steet.

And, that pretty much sums up the last couple of days. Going to the Tate(s), Tower of London, Thames, Tower Bridge(?), and that general area tomorrow. Hope for nothing to break down for me. Cheers!


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