More greetings from the Emerald Isle! and now I know why it’s so named

(this post was meant for last night, but I lay on the bed an conked out in about 4 seconds, so, manifold apologies)
Yesterday generally involved traversing County Clare via personal locomotion (read, walking and cycling). And it turns out Ireland is covered with hills. That aside, let me regale you with yesterday’s journeys.

Leaving the hostel when it was still dark (before 8.30am), we walked the 6km from Lisdoonvarna to Doolin in a leisurely hour and a half. Gorgeous sunrise, rolling green plains that go on forever, bubbling brooks, grazing cattle, horses and sheep. Words, and even pictures don’t do it justice, but I’ll do my best (and post photographs on facebook when I get back).

spectacular. from some vantage points, they don’t appear to be much, until you remember they tower in excess of 200m. Which dwarfs nearly every building in Singapore. Standing near the cliff edge, one can just about make out the white specks of seagulls on the cliff surface, tiny against the enormous cliff face. Looking down, the waves crashing along the shore appear to trundle along at an agonisingly slow pace, although they’re not doubt racing at a bone-crushing speed. Then it hits that the cliffs are so astoundingly high that the crashing of those ginormous waves is inaudible atop the cliffs. Again, I can’t possibly do it justice here. nor can I do justice the the Renting bikes at Doolin, we cycled another 6km uphill to the cliffs of Moher. Which are awe-inspiringlymyriad other sights along the Irish countryside and the Burren; rolling green plains, quaint little hamlets visible in the distance, picture-perfect with plumes of smoke rising from chimneys. And of course, the amzing coastline.

I’m sorry that I can’t keep going on about the sights, but I’m short of time, and it would be just more of what I’ve already rambled on about. Photographs will come later. Just one last thing. I still haven’t decided if the strneous cycling across the hilly terrain was worth the sights yet. Although I wasn’t looking around much at the end. Fortunate then that we made it back before dark =)


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