Right, day two in the capital city of the land of lousy food and bad weather. Short update tonight (not like anyone will read it), because I’m sleepy. Why? Because I didn’t get enough sleep, duh.

Heh, so, unnecessary and bad humour aside, I didn’t really do much today. Oh, hold on, I did. British Museum. Cycled there, my brother went to school. Wandered around the British Museum for couple of hours. ‘Twas fun. The Museum is the size of (insert something large enough for your imagination) and, being so incredibly comprehensive, houses everything from history of (this) to history of (that). But in all honesty, it is impressive, and most enjoyable. I walked through the rooms with Greek/Roman artefacts, European history curios, Enlightenment collections, plus I can’t remember what else well you get the drift. Well, the Enlightenment collection in the British Museum is rather impressive, considering that the Royal Academy and its members spent a rather large sum of money and time during the Enlightenment, yes?

We had lunch at a


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