Escapades in London, vol. 1.

(late update I’m such a bad boy)

Following a long night of freezing my ass off and not sleeping, the first thing I do in London after breakfast is to go grocery shopping with my brother. Who buys reduced to clear (read, nearly expired and thus cheaper) goods. At least it’s reduced to clear frozen/preserved/instant food products and not fresh produce.

Cycling to the supermarket makes two things abundantly clear. One, cycling contributes to wind chill and freezing your face into an icy monolith to stand testament to the ages. Two, I’m horribly out of shape. (Read, fat)

Oh, and the Ben and Jerry’s at Sainsbury’s was at half price. £1.98 per pint. Score! So instead of getting any fitter on a cycling holiday, I’m going to get even fatter.

Right, so following that, my brother goes to play frisbee in the afternoon. I wander around Regent park, and Camden high street (and the street market), window-shopping. And it turns out, I’m really bad at warding off touting Indian shopkeepers or at negotiating. (Note to self: Go back and get that fedora)

At night, we cycle to one Clarence Ding’s (another of my brother’s friends) house ridiculously opulent studio apartment that rents in excess of £200 a week. In short, the evening comprised too much good food, friendly people, warding of jet-lag induced drowsiness, failing, having a generally fun time with strangers somewhat older than me, and cycling back at half past one in the morning.

Right, for the sake of continuity, this post ends here. Today’s activities will be in the next post


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