I’ve been meaning to move to WordPress or Livejournal so that people can subscribe to RSS feeds. Too bad I’m a lazy bum and it’s late, so you’ll just have to deal until I start travelblogging from London (as if.)

Today, being Sunday, and two sleep periods after camp, was—we’ll get back to that in a moment.

The last few months of camp planning and the actual YM camp itself took rather a lot out of me, I’m sad to say. And, right now, I’m feeling a little tired, drained, out of it, and not like blogging (and totally like continuing with this stream of consciousness.) But, I persevere.

As mentioned, the last few months of headaches and saigang—, sorry, camp planning weren’t all that fun. But, and perhaps, many will find this not too unfamiliar, “what to do?” AnywayAnyhow, it’s done and over, camp afterglow’s not my responsibility, so now I’m only responsible for what goes between God and myself.

And for those of you interested, YM camp at Bethel went fantastically. Rather much better than expected, and , trite as it may seem, beyond (anyone’s) wildest dreams. Besides the ruined grass, rained-on programmes, cancelled activities, injuries, and missing logistical needs. Other than that, ’twas swell. But in all seriousness, camp exceeded my expectations. Seeing as crashing and burning isn’t a really high bar, it mightn’t seem like much of an accomplishment, but, what with all the expectations of devastating failure, what transpired, and what we managed to pull off really is/was God’s providence (Aside: I can’t stand my writing style; “be” derivatives, stunted vocabulary, clunky phrasing, and overall insipid style do not for good writing make.)

So it turns out, usual allnighter hijinks show a correlation with reduced concentration, drowsiness, lethargy, and greater affinity for 7 hour naps interrupted only by phone calls to remind one of band practice 10km away and 15 minutes after it’s started. Said naps also tend to increase likelihood of staying up till really late, before waking early to take a bus to church. (aside: Human by The Killers is awesome; MTV Chart Attack at 1am while blogging)

And then, there was one today. Under pressure from various individuals in church, Weiqi, Penny, Yixun, Sam, and myself found ourselves at Vivocity after church. No Wild Child/Bolt, but there was BK, (over Carl’s Jr and Subway), shopping, bumping into Fanching, more (window) shopping, and inexplicable walking around in Toys R’ Us. Great fun indeed. Leaving for a great aunt(whose house I visit once a year during Chinese New Year where half the people present are strangers)’s funeral wake following her sudden death on Wednesday night unfortunately denied yours truly of Ben & Jerry’s and lazing on rooftop carpet grass.

So, convoluted sentences aside, what about that wake eh? Great aunt, (whom I barely knew) wasn’t a Christian, so there were (Bhuddist? Taoist?) rites and all that, but, for some reason I barely care. So, is it that I don’t believe that a soul was just lost from heaven, or that I don’t care enough that someone’s lost, or I don’t care enough for that person? (Insert self-doubt and self-loathing[?])

It’s been a long week, and it’s been an even longer post. Flying off on tuesday on an A380 (leaving on a jetplane…) to the land of lousy food, bad weather, and general awesomeness in the history and culture of the only language I speak. Things to talk about (I’ll need people to talk to), things to do, aeroplanes to get on to, luggage to pack… lalala, I wanna go out tomorrow (today?) before flying off on tuesday. and then, travelblogging!


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