Clerical errors and communication failures

turns out I’m spending a night at the boarding house.

Warm welcomes to all the visiting student from Nguyen Tri Phuong School of Hue, Vietnam. Today, I gained an insight; a most, invaluable, one. I learn and experience, and I know, just a little more in my heart than my head, just how privileged I am, and how I should value it. I understand, just that bit more, how earnestly others desire what I take for granted, what chances I’m presented and how I blithely and blindly I waste them.

There are many things that we are told and we repeat, many others our lips believe and our hearts do not know; a man learns most through what he has experienced, and what he has done. When a truth is revealed, when you see from another’s perspective, it can affect you profoundly, and, if we were so lucky, it’ll effect a change.


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