Heh heh heh, opened the post composing window and suddenly realised that I have to prepare for social studies UNSC debate tomorrow. Haha, nevermind. I’ll blog out of character first. Then hopefully go and do work.

This morning feeling super down, thinking about the stuff I’m planning for and doing in church and also considering yesterday’s YM trip to Sentosa. And about how I may not be going about things in a “right” manner. And the interminable distress of living in a world populated by people; people who change, people with their quirks, people with their unexpectedness, their ephemeral moments of closeness which vanish into thin smoke, as quickly as the warmth of a fire dies.

So, over the course of the morning God speaks. Dosen’t God tend to speak especially when we’re feeling so far away, so useless and wretched and unworthy, and He tells us that no matter how much we screw up, no matter how unhappy or dissastisfied we are, He has a plan for us, and that He loves and cares about us? Like, how when feeling so distant and preoccupied with all the other things, he draws us back into simple worship and adoration, into filling ourselves with Him and remembering that nothing else compares. Yeah, He does that.


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